September 2012




BUSINESS Queen Anne's would like to thank everyone that came out to the Membership Meeting on August 30th at Hemingway's Restaurant! It was a beautiful evening and Hemingway's General Manager, Jerry Lewis, did a fantastic job staging our area and the food was wonderful!





BQA President Camille O'Donnell welcomed everyone and took a few moments to go over a few business related items. Board member George O'Donnell then spoke on the referendums that will be voted on during the November election. (See article below!!)


The newest BQA board member, Sheriff Gary Hofmann, informed those present about some recent actions taken by the Sheriff's department to protect and serve the business community. (Also highlighted in this newsletter!)


And finally, many thanks to Congressman Harris for joining us again this year! He discussed his top areas of concern for businesses which included:

  • Need Lower Taxes (Solve the debt and deficit)
  • Need Less Federal Regulations
  • Need to provide a more certain environment


He explained that right now there are many uncertainties that impede business. (Changing regulations, healthcare act and interest rates) He also expressed that he was frustrated with the Senate's unwillingness to take action on the many bills sent to it by the House.


After a short "Question and Answer" period with Congressman Harris, members and guests enjoyed some heavy hor d'oeuvres presented by Hemingways, a cocktail and a beautiful sunset! 


When George O'Donnell spoke at the Membership Meeting, he explained that BQA's position is to vote FOR each local question on the November ballot.


BQA wants to support the APFO question that deals with the level of school population before a developer's project could proceed. Traditionally, the percentage of school population was 120%. The previous board of Commissioners lowered it to 100% in an effort to stop all new home construction. The current Board of Commissioners changed it back to 120%, then a petition drive was successful in blocking that decision until it is finally voted on in the November election.


The other question deals with a current limit on floor space for retail stores. The previous board of Commissioners established a 65,000 square ft. maximum floor area for retail facilities. Under that provision the K-mart could not be built today. The current board supports rescinding the 65,000 sq. ft. limitation in favor of a formula based on the size of the property to be built on. We also need to vote for this question under the premise that the government shouldn't be telling a business person what size their business should be. They have a very similar provision in Talbot county that seems to work fine.
Question A
Local Referendum by Petition - Revisions to the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance


County Ordinance 11-22 was adopted September 27, 2011 and would revise and update the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance in Queen Anne's County. Among other things, the Ordinance would require a determination of school adequacy for residential developments of 20 or more new lots and reduce the level of service standards for schools and transportation facilities.


Vote FOR the Revisions to the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance

Question B
Local Referendum by Petition - Maximum Gross Floor Area


County Ordinance 11-06 eliminated the current limitation on maximum gross floor area of 65,000 square feet on certain uses in the Suburban Commercial (SC) Zoning District.


Vote FOR the Elimination of the Gross Floor Area Limitation


INCIDENT: Counterfeit Products Seizure/Arrest
DATE / TIME: 08/29/2012
LOCATION: Crumpton, MD

ARRESTED: Kim Bok Yong (60) of Villanova PA
CHARGES: Counterfeit Trademark/$1000+ (2 Counts)

NARRATIVE: Sheriff Gary Hofmann reports that on Aug. 29, 2012, the Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff conducted a joint investigation of the sale of counterfeit products at an auction site with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Kim Bok Yong, age 60, of Villanova, PA was arrested after HSI Special Agents advised that they had knowledge of Yong selling counterfeit purses/handbags at a weekly auction in Crumpton MD. On Aug. 29, 2012 HSI Special Agents with detectives of the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Office of the Sheriff responded to Crumpton and observed Yong with a display of clothing, purses and handbags for sale.

The joint investigation resulted in the seizure of approximately 52 suspected counterfeit purses and handbags as well as numerous labels, tags, tools and 47 unmarked purses/handbags used to manufacture counterfeit purses and handbags. The estimated value of the seized counterfeit items was $24,700.00, and the seized labels have an estimated MSRP value in excess of $150,000.00 when attached to items.

Yong was charged with two counts of Counterfeit Trademark goods valued in excess of $1000 for the attempted sale and manufacture of the counterfeit items. After being processed at the Sheriff's Headquarters, Yong was taken before the District Court Commissioner who released him on his personal recognizance. The investigation resulted in the seizure of a 2006 GMC van as well.

INVESTIGATORS: Detective Eric Goodman & Homeland Security Investigators
ASSIST: D/Cpl. Steve Stouffer & Dfc. George Sewell
Many thanks to Sheriff Hoffman and the department for a job well done! We don't want money spent in our County to go towards counterfeit items. There are reputable local businesses that would benefit from customers looking to purchase items in Queen Anne's County! 


BUSINESS Queen Anne's President, Camille O'Donnell, recently forwarded the following letter to the County Commissioners expressing the organizations support for the proposed project near the Emergency Center in Grasonville.


Dear County Commissioners:


Business Queen Anne's has reviewed preliminary information available from the Developer concerning the proposed mixed use development, The Villages at Slippery Hill, on the Nesbit property in Grasonville. It is our understanding that the project will contain a mix of affordable one and two-bedroom apartments as well as some commercial/office space. It is also our understanding that the project is not rent-subsidized and will be paying its fair share in property taxes.


We believe a development of this nature at this location within the Grasonville Growth Area with ready access to improved roads, sewer and water will be of benefit to the County. The project should create much needed local jobs and tax revenues for the County.


Business Queen Anne's recommends the Commissioners grant preliminary support for the project.




BQA Vice President, Mareen Waterman, also submitted public comments to the County Commissioners on behalf of the organization regarding Ordinance 12-09 (Landscaping Standards and Buffer Yards in connection with Cluster Subdivisions) and 12-14 (Definition of "Minor Subdivision" under the QAC Zoning Ordinance).


Regarding 12-09, Mr. Waterman stated that BQA is in favor of the much needed revisions to the Buffer Yard Standards. The current requirements are excessive - particularly so now that the State has drastically reduced subdivision possibilities.


He also passed along our support for 12-14 by saying that  the recent action by the State restricts a farmer's right to develop a maximum of seven lots. To require such a small development to go through the Major Subdivision process is not realistic and this Ordinance will correct that. BQA would suggest that the Ordinance allow seven building lots, with remaining open space not to count as a "lot".


To check out the Ordinances for 2012, visit this page on the QAC Website!


In This Issue
Vote "For" A&B!
Counterfeit Products Seized
Green Street Housing


Your BQA Board!


Camille O'Donnell, President

O'Donnell Properties



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The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.


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