November 2018

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From the Bay Times, November 7th

It was a Republican sweep in Queen Anne's County Tuesday night, Nov. 6, as voters elected all GOP candidates for every race from county commission through judge of Orphans' Court. The General Election saw a 61.87 percent turnout with 22,057 of the county's 35,648 registered voters casting their ballots.

Incumbent County Commissioners Jim Moran (At Large), Jack Wilson (District 1) and Steve Wilson will be joined on the board by Phil Dumenil (District 3) and Chris Corchiarino (District 4). Moran was first appointed to the county commission in December 2013 to finish out the term of Steve Arentz, who had been appointed as state delegate, then went on to win election in his own right in 2014; this will be his second full term. Jack Wilson was appointed in June 2015 to fill the seat vacated by Paul Comfort, who resigned to take a position with the state, so this will be Wilson's first full term. This will be the second term for Steve Wilson. This also will be Dumenil's second term as county commissioner; he previously served from 2010 to 2014. Corchiarino is the only completely new face on the board.

Queen Anne's County Sheriff Gary Hofmann will return for a fourth term. He received 14,457 votes to Democratic challenger Kevin Rhodes' 7,097.

On the Orphans' Court, incumbent judges Kimberly Jean Cascia, Thomas Walsh and Eric Wargotz were re-elected by wide margins.

State's Attorney Lance Richardson, Clerk of Circuit Court Katherine Beane Hager and Register of Wills Laura Nan Cook, all Republicans, all ran unopposed and were re-elected.

The red tide extended to state and national races too. The only Democratic candidate to win in Queen Anne's County was State Comptroller Peter Franchot, who received 11,879 votes to 9,382 for his Republican challenger Anjali Reed Phukan.

In the non-partisan Board of Education races, Tammy Harper beat Mary Ellen Walker for the At Large seat, 10,240 votes to 6,403, and Carrie Lee O'Connor beat Dick Smith, 10,688 to 5,728, in District 2. In District 1, Michele Lynn Morrissette ran unopposed and received 15,016 votes.

Local voters were split on the ballot questions. An overwhelming number supported the Constitutional Amendment to require commercial gaming revenues for public education to supplement spending for education in public schools, 17,398 for to 2,803 against. A narrow margin opposed the Constitutional Amendment to allow Election Day registration with 10,010 for to 10,445 against


Hogan Administration Statement On Baltimore City Circuit Court Dismissal Of Exelon Challenge To Conowingo Environmental Plan

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles issued the following statements in response to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City's dismissal of Exelon's challenge to the Water Quality Certification issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) in the proposed relicensing of the Conowingo Dam.

"Maryland is making historic progress in reducing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay recently received its highest water quality rating ever reported, but all of our progress could be at risk if we do not pursue a comprehensive regional approach to reducing pollution in the Susquehanna River," said Governor Hogan. "From the beginning of our administration, we have sounded the warning on the risk posed by pollution flowing down the river and through the Conowingo Dam. As the dam's operator, Exelon has a critical role to play in a comprehensive strategy for Bay restoration, and we are committed to working with all partners to obtain this vital Water Quality Certification so we can preserve the Bay for future generations."

Exelon's request that MDE reconsider the issuance of the Water Quality Certification is pending with the department. MDE has filed a motion to dismiss a complaint filed by Exelon in U.S. District Court.

"The decision to dismiss Exelon's challenge in Baltimore City Circuit Court is great news for clean water and a step forward in the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, which continues to be among Governor Hogan's top priorities," said Secretary Grumbles. "The Maryland Department of the Environment's Water Quality Certification for the proposed relicensing of the Conowingo Dam includes responsible and necessary conditions based on sound science and the law, and it demonstrates that the Hogan administration will fight tirelessly to restore the Chesapeake Bay."

Information on the Water Quality Certification can be found at: 

The order dismissing Exelon's complaint in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City: 

From the Maryland Department of the Environment...

Conowingo Innovative and Beneficial Reuse Pilot Project

Since Conowingo Dam's construction in 1929, sediments flowing down the Susquehanna River have been building up in its reservoir. Recent studies by the U.S. Geological Survey indicate that the reservoir is effectively full of sediment which means that more of those sediments, and the nutrients associated with them, are washing downstream into Chesapeake Bay during storms. A follow up study led by the Department's of Environment and Natural Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Susquehanna River Basin Commission and EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program found that those sediments and nutrients are contributing to dissolved oxygen impairments in the Chesapeake Bay.

The Governor has made addressing Conowingo Dam's pollution impacts a priority in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Restoration effort and the State must certify that water quality standards will continue to be met with Dam operation. The Conowingo Sediment Characterization and Innovative Reuse and Beneficial Use pilot project will provide Maryland with better information on dredging costs, dredged material reuse options, scaling, and feasibility as a solution for addressing Conowingo's impacts. A revised request for proposals for this project was issued with bids due by 2:00 PM on November 13th. State partners on this pilot project include the Maryland Environmental Service, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Geological Survey.

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BQA Member Avon Dixon Insurance passed along this information on office safety!

Office Safety 
Do you ever see a utility worker on top of a telephone pole or a construction worker balancing on a steel beam high above you, and think that you could never work in such hazardous conditions? While those workers do have more dangerous jobs than you, they may actually be safer than you are in the office. 

This is because of their awareness of the hazards that come with the job and their knowledge of the safety procedures that they must follow. It is this safety awareness that is their best defense against accidents. On the other hand, many office workers can't see why they should be concerned with safety at all. 

However, there are plenty of hazards in an office setting. It is true that office accidents seem less severe than those that occur in a manufacturing plant or among construction workers, but they can be just as painful and just as much of a financial setback to the injured worker. 

Office Hazards 
Slip and fall accidents account for the majority of disabling injuries in the office. Common causes include: 
  • Walking on slippery floors or uneven surfaces, especially when wearing high heels.
  • Going up or down stairs and not using the handrail.
  • Using chairs with casters that may roll away from you when you try to sit on them, lean back too far, or lean forward to pick up something off the floor.
Poor housekeeping and floors littered with tangled cords, discarded papers, spilled liquids and small items such as paper clips can also cause slips and falls. Always keep the area around you free from debris or other items that do not belong on the floor, and clean up any spills or messes as soon as you discover them. 

Office machines also cause their share of accidents. Electric machines should always be unplugged when being cleaned and they should not be used if any sparking or smoking occurs. 

Carrying supplies to and from the storeroom can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Be sure that the pile is light enough to handle easily and low enough to see over. If lifting a heavy box, bend your knees and lift with your legs, and ask a co-worker for help if it is too heavy to handle alone. 

Desks and file cabinets present special hazards. Drawers should have safety stops to prevent the contents and drawer from tumbling onto the user, and drawers should be closed when you're finished with them. It's easy to trip over or bump into an open drawer or cabinet. 

Be Prepared 
Look around the office and identify the possible safety hazards. If you find any hazards that you think need attention, talk to your supervisor. If you develop a safety conscious attitude, you can become aware of office hazards and take the appropriate precautions to avoid them.

Avon Dixon Agency
28640 Marys Court, Suite 100
Easton, MD 21601


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