November 2014 

MEET & GREET - Thank You!
Senator Hershey and Delegate Steve Arentz spoke
along with an update from George O'Donnell
regarding the Clean Chesapeake Coalition!

Thank you to everyone that attended!
It was an awesome opportunity to meet and greet
the local candidates along with several state candidates!

No matter who you support,
the important thing is to get out and vote!!

And remember to check your ballot before you submit!



Study Points to Dam as Main Source of Bay Pollution
(From the Clean Chesapeake Coalition Website)

A new study shows eliminating pollution to the Conowingo Dam will improve the Chesapeake Bay's health more than any other policy currently implemented in the state.


The nonpartisan Maryland Public Policy Institute estimates that removing all 172 million tons of sediment pollution behind the dam would dramatically improve the Bay's health at a fraction of the cost of other Bay cleanup efforts. The dredging effort would cost an estimated $4.2 billion, the institute says -- compared to the $14.4 billion the state plans to spend on Bay cleanup efforts -- while removing one of the principal threats to the Bay's water quality, wildlife, and economic potential.


"The Conowingo Dam is the missing link to Maryland's Bay cleanup efforts," said Christopher B. Summers, president of the institute. "Not only would a dam cleanup plan strengthen the Bay's health, but it would also strengthen the 'green collar economy' by creating jobs in the name of the Bay restoration. We hope this study sheds light on the enormous possibilities of simply turning our attention north to the Conowingo Dam."


The institute attributes periodic storms to the Dam's pollution. When Tropical Storm Lee hit the Mid-Atlantic in September 2011, nearly 19 million tons of Bay-killing sediment were released from the dam over five days; that's 26 times greater than Maryland's average annual Bay sediment load, according to the institute. The upper Bay's oyster harvest plunged 95 percent that year, demonstrating that failure to dredge the dam can devastate Maryland's aquatic life and the thousands of Marylanders who depend on it for their way of life.


The new study will be the topic of discussion at a forum Tuesday evening at Washington College in Chestertown. "A Better Way to Restore the Chesapeake Bay," will feature Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Robert M. Summers, Ph.D., and leading environmental experts and observers in the Bay area.





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BUSINESS Queen Anne's is not like any other business advocacy group in Queen Anne's County. When an issue that affects business arises in Queen Anne's County, we don't have to be neutral or careful to not step on toes! That can make some a little leery, but if your business needs someone to stand up and support you, then you'll be glad to have BQA there for you!

BQA has been vocal in the past on issues such as:

Four Seasons on Kent Island
FASTC Project
Wye Mills/Chesapeake College Expansion
Conowingo Dam
Minimum Wage Legislature
KI Sewer
Sunday Hunting in QAC
Slippery Hill Community
Adequate Public Facility Ordinance

We support property rights, balanced business growth, an adequate commercial tax base; we support having businesses that allow residents to work and live here in Queen Anne's County!

Also, the board of BQA has interviewed the local candidates and report to the members their positions so members can easily choose a candidate that is aligned with their views on the issues at hand.

If you like what Business Queen Anne's does, but have concern as to customer reaction or backlash, we have a solution... Companies or individuals can become anonymous BQA members or sponsorship supporters!
If you know a business that would be a great asset as a member, please contact our Membership Chair, Jack Ashley at

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BUSINESS Queen Anne's

A Coalition for Economic Development and Responsible Government

The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.

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