May 2016

It is with a heavy heart that Business Queen Anne's announces the passing of our founding member, Mareen Waterman.  

He was an important pillar of our Community, Queen Anne's County and our business membership organization.  A calm, deliberate voice of reason, Mr. Waterman was a knowledgeable spokesperson for the local business community.  He was not a loud man or a man to talk just to hear himself speak, but when he did rise to speak, we made sure to listen because when he took the time to express his thoughts on a particular matter, we knew what he had to say was balanced, thoughtful and important!  

He will certainly be missed by many in this community far beyond just this organization, may he rest in peace.

Mareen Waterman leading up a 
2010 Membership Meeting at Mears Point Marina.

Here is a wonderful piece written by Jack Shaum for the Bay Times:

QUEENSTOWN - Prominent local developer and philanthropist Mareen D. Waterman died of cancer on Thursday, April 28. He was 82.

At the time of his death, he was head of Waterman Realty on Kent Island, a firm that he founded in 1967. He worked there with his son Barry Waterman, daughter-in-law Diana Waterman and grandson Kevin Waterman.

"He took great pride in creating communities and homes for Queen Anne's County residents," and was the developer of Overlook, Wye Knot, Queen Anne Woods, Anchorage, Long Creek Farm and smaller communities, said Barry Waterman. "He hired local excavators, engineers, plumbers, etc., and then sold lots to Queen Anne's County builders to build homes on."

At the time of his death, the Waterman Family Limited Partnership was in the process of planning the development of the Wheatlands property in Queenstown.
Mareen Waterman was born in Guam, where his father was serving as a Marine officer. He studied at Washington College and had a landscaping and tree removal business before being drafted for a two-year period in the Army, his son said. He then became a bookkeeper with Grenadier Realty in Annapolis, and later bought the business around 1959 or 1960.

According to Barry Waterman, he created subdivisions and built about 500 homes in the Annapolis area before moving to Queenstown in 1969. He opened a branch office of Grenadier Realty on Kent Island and a few years later closed the Annapolis office to concentrate on Queen Anne's County.

He was active in a number of real estate organizations over the years and served as president of the local Board of Realtors and Homebuilders, was chairman of Business Queen Anne's and the Queen Anne's County Chamber of Commerce, and served on committees of the State Association of Realtors.

Barry Waterman said his father was active in a number of local civic organizations, and spent many years on the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee. In 1986, he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River.

"What a good man," said Linda Friday, president of the Queen Anne's County Chamber of Commerce, who had known him for many years. "He was a humble, quiet gentleman who was active in the Chamber." She said he was man of integrity and knowledge.

"If you had a question about developing, he had an answer," Friday said, adding that Waterman was a "huge contributor to this community" and was very generous. "This is a huge loss to Queen Anne's County," she said.

Less than a week before he died, Waterman was presented with the Bay Area Association of Realtors' Lifetime Achievement Award for those with 40 or more years in the business. Association Executive Director Bob Friday said the presentation was made to Waterman at his home on Friday, April 22.

"He was a pretty unassuming guy and said 'I've done what I've done, not thinking about awards,'" Friday said, adding that Waterman said the award meant a great deal to him.

Sandra Early of Sandra's Office Support remembers first meeting Waterman over 20 years ago when she worked for the Chamber of Commerce.
"Mr. Waterman was a soft spoken man and was a man of few words," she said in a Facebook posting. "When he spoke, I made sure to listen as he was knowledgeable, and I knew if he was talking, it was important."
Early said Waterman was a friend and "a wonderful man" that "I will miss dearly."

"Bob has done so much for the citizens of this county. People have no idea," said Mike Zimmer, president of Bay State Insurance Agency. Bob was the name by which many of his colleagues knew him, Zimmer said. He went on to say that Waterman was one of five men who had a significant impact on him and his career.

"He was a very kind person who would help anyone who asked him. He gave millions away in time and money," Zimmer said.

Barry Waterman said his father attended many charity events in the county and made contributions of time and money to "many causes beyond political and industry causes." He noted that he was the head of the fundraising committee for the free standing emergency facility now known as the University of Maryland Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown.

"I always knew he was a great person who always did what was right regardless of its impact on him personally," Barry Waterman said.

Mareen Waterman died on his 60th wedding anniversary and is survived by his wife Marian, son Barry, son Reen Waterman, daughters Jeanne Lancaster and Joanna Waterman, eight grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.


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QA County is on the brink of appointing a broadband task force and may need 3 citizen volunteers. The task force will be looking at options for improving county-wide Internet connectivity, and are to report back to the County Commissioners within 45 days. This appears to be spurred in part by Kent County's Broadband project, which is now moving along towards completion by end of 2017.

BQA keeps you INFORMED on issues facing economic development, jobs and opportunities right here IN QAC, so the 86% of County residents who spend too much time commuting out of the County and across the bridge every day can actually "LIVE, WORK & PLAY" right here in QAC!! 

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The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.

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Please mark your calendars for May 11th for a Board of Appeals hearing to be held at 5 PM in the conference room at 160 Coursevall Drive in Centreville. We know that the opposition will be out in full force so anyone that supports this project should plan on attending!

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Keep in mind...
  • The property rights of the owner
  • That the Four Seasons project has cleared every step in the legal & code process, won every court challenge up to and including Maryland Highest Court, received approval after approval, while patiently waiting on the courts and legal process for well over a decade
  • KHOV continues to go 'above and beyond' by donating more land to the County, shrinking the size and scope of the project, utilizing newer environmental technology gains as they become available such that little to NO critical area issues now exist.
  • The significant revenues to the County through both impact fees and disposable income from a senior population.
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