March 2018

The following candidates have filed to run for County Commissioner and will be invited to join BQA at the board meetings this year! 

  • County Commissioner At Large  Helen Bennett, Republican
  • County Commissioner At Large  Jim Moran, Republican
  • County Commissioner At Large  Elaine Harrison, Democratic
  • Commissioner District 001            Joe Gannon, Republican
  • Commissioner District 001            Jack Wilson, Republican
  • Commissioner District 001            Dino Romano LaMana, Democratic
  • Commissioner District 002            George Sigler, Republican
  • Commissioner District 002            Steve Wilson, Republican
  • Commissioner District 002            Benjamin Tilghman, Democratic
  • Commissioner District 003            Laura Bogley-Knickman, Republican
  • Commissioner District 003            Barry Donadio, Republican
  • Commissioner District 003            Phil Dumenil, Republican
  • Commissioner District 003            Jim Coulter, Democratic
  • Commissioner District 004            Mark Anderson, Republican
  • Commissioner District 004            Chris Corchiarino, Republican
  • Commissioner District 004            Deborah Krueger, Democratic
Any BQA member that would like to join us at these meetings are welcome!
  • February 28th - Jack Wilson and Mark Anderson (Completed)
  • March 28th - Barry Donadio, Helen Bennett
  • April 25th - Steve Wilson, Phil Dumenil
  • May 30th - Chris Corchiarino, George Sigler
So far, these are the topics that have been discussed but if any member has any suggestions, please let us know!

Workforce housing
Moving forward with broadband in QAC
Local Workforce development
Comp Plan
SKI Sewer
Attracting new business

All Board meetings are held at Mear's Point Marina in a meeting room located across from the pavilion and accessible from the outside of the building at 4 PM. Just contact Sandra Early, Administrator to RSVP!

The BQA board along with a few members had an informative conversation with incumbent Commissioners, Jack Wilson and Mark Anderson on February 28th.

Bond Rating: Commissioner Anderson touted the AAA bond rating that the County has achieved since he and the other sitting Commissioners took office almost four years ago. BQA certainly applauds this feather in their cap!

Broadband/New Business: Both Commissioners mentioned a new Broadband Advisory Council being formed. They both recognize how crucial this is to attracting new business to the County. Commissioner Wilson mentioned that he felt that vacant store fronts are starting to fill in. He is also part of a North County Economic Development Commission that is focusing on Ag Support Services. Commissioner Anderson expressed the need to go out and recruit the businesses we want in Queen Anne's County.

Work Force Development: Commissioner Wilson is working on a partnership between the Board of Ed and Chesapeake College to bring a Technical Training Program back to Queen Anne's County.

Comp Plan: Commissioner Anderson encouraged BQA to start finding representatives to be a part of the update process. The BQA board emphasized to both Commissioners the need to simplify the plan in place and return it to the non-regulatory document it was in the past. Commissioner Anderson also added that he felt money spent on an "experts" involved during the last update was not money well spent.

Work Force Housing: Both Commissioners mentioned the MPDU (Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit) program in Queen Anne's County. Right now, the Promenade apartments in Chester are the only ones to actually have these units as the other housing developments have opted for the "fee in lieu" instead of actually having the moderately priced units. For more information on this program, visit this site!

SKI Sewer: Both Commissioners mentioned that this project is under budget and ahead of schedule.

Join the board meeting this month on March 28th to hear from Barry Donadio and Helen Bennett!

QAC Earns AAA Bond Rating from Standard and Poor's

This time last year Queen Anne's County was celebrating the fact that, for the first time ever the New York bond rating agency FitchRatings, bestowed the highest possible AAA rating for Queen Anne's County. Now Standard & Poor's has bestowed the coveted AAA rating for the county as well.

Just as a homeowner whose credit score has improved and therefore is offered a lower interest rate by the banks, the higher credit rating and lower interest rate will give Queen Anne's County a much better interest rate, resulting in significant savings over the life of the bonds.

Recently, County Commissioners Stephen Wilson, Robert Buckey, County Administrator Gregg Todd and Finance Director Jonathan Seeman went to New York City's financial district to make the county's case for better ratings to the top rating agencies.

"We went to New York a week ago and met with three groups of Bond Analysts, representing Moody's, S&P, and Fitch," said Commissioner Stephen Wilson. "We now have AAA bond ratings from two of them. Two years ago, none of them rated Queen Anne's County AAA. Better financial circumstances and strong presentation have turned the tide. As the debt rolls over, this will save the county many dollars. We currently have both the fourth lowest property tax rate in the state, and one of the highest levels of service. We are doing our utmost to keep things going in this direction."

The third rating agency, Moody's, upgraded us from Aa2 to Aa1, which is just one step below AAA, said Finance Director Jonathan Seeman.

County Commissioner Jack Wilson said, "This is great news for the county taxpayers as it will reduce the debt service on existing county debt and allow for a lower lending rate in the future for any Capital needs that may arise.. I am very happy to be a part of a commission that was able to achieve this stature for the first time in county history. We will continue to exercise fiscal policy that will maintain this rating."

Commissioner Mark Anderson said: "The efforts of the QAC Commissioners, who have collectively employed a consistent and conservative fiscal policy over three plus years, has been rewarded by all three bond rating agencies, each of which recognized the management of the county's finances with Fitch renewing the AAA, with S & P upgrading us to AAA, and Moody's upgrading us to Aa1 - a step below AAA. The S&P AAA rating follows the same rating from Fitch (two years in a row) will save many thousands of dollars because our county will be viewed as the safest investment for bond purchasers. These interest savings will take pressure off the operating budget and the necessity to raise real property taxes."

"The bond ratings have a significant positive impact on the cost of borrowing money," said Commissioner Robert C. Buckey. "S&P based their decision on the county's "very strong economic profile, and strong budgetary flexibility. I would like to thank all the Department Heads for all their hard work in this process, and I would like to thank the Commissioners for all their efforts and policy decisions that made this happen. "This was a team win. The AAA ratings will help lower the cost of borrowing for Queen Anne's County's government in the future and that is great news for the county, and the taxpayers and residents."


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