March 2014 


BUSINESS Queen Anne's has been very vocal about the situation at the Conowingo Dam in regards to the thousands of tons of sediment and toxins that continue to be poured in the Chesapeake Bay!


Many surrounding counties have joined the Clean Chesapeake Coalition (Click on name to go to website) and BQA feels that Queen Anne's County, who has not joined, is late to the party! 


The MD State Senate recently passed a joint resolution urging Congress to fund an Army Corp of Engineers project to dredge the Conowingo reservoir. The following is from an article written by Josh Bollinger in the Star Democrat on February 27th.

"Sen. Bryan Simonaire, R-31-Anne Arundel, is the resolution's primary sponsor. He called the Conowingo Dam "the big elephant in the room" when it comes to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. "If we don't address the issues of the Conowingo, all of the other billions of dollars we're spending aren't going to have much of an effect," Simonaire said."  

Read the complete article here.

BQA Board Member George O'Donnell has been calling attention to this problem for some time now.  The following is a letter to the editor sent and printed months ago but still holds true.

The Conowingo Dam situation is a modern day travesty against water quality throughout the upper portions of the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. For 86 years, the accumulation of sediment and toxins that have collected north of the Dam are having a devastating impact on our fisheries, particularly when a major fresh water event takes place. The well advertised satellite photos of tropical storm Lee allowed us to view the millions of tons of sediment as it was dispensed by the tidal waters as far as the Potomac River. One cannot over-state the damage that has been done to the oyster and soft shell clam industries while we find ourselves in the middle of a terrible blue crab harvest. We are, for all intents and purposes, out of the oyster and clam fisheries in the Upper Bay, as these areas have been smothered by a blanket of sedimentation. Further damage continues to be done to Bay grasses (sav) which provide important habitat while producing life-giving oxygen that all marine animals depend on. This needs to STOP!


The utility that holds the permit to use the Conowingo Hydro-electric Dam is going through the permitting process that could be reissued next year. It has been 40 years since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last issued a permit for this facility. The time is now for FERC to make it a condition of the issuance of a new permit that the utility and the state of Pennsylvania develop a plan to mitigate the sediment that has been allowed to accumulate over the past 86 years. If this opportunity is missed, the further demise of our precious Chesapeake Bay will be assured and all the good efforts to date would have been in vain.


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement. We have less crabs, a fraction of the oyster population and no soft shell clams, and Bay grasses are but a shadow of their former status. In recent years, we have seen a flush tax, nutrient management programs, critical area's restrictions, storm water controls, emission testing, bat septic system requirements and now a rain tax, just to name a few, save the litany of chemical reductions. Citizens are willing to do their share to help restore our beloved Chesapeake Bay, how about government? This is why I suggest that all levels of our government have an absolute obligation to hold all parties accountable for what is certainly the single worst point source of sediment pollution affecting the Bay to date. Not so long ago, the Board of County Commissioners that I served on successfully opposed the dumping of dredge spoil at site 104 just north of the Bay Bridge. Yes, it was expensive and time consuming, but I have never regretted our efforts, because there are some things that you must do, this is another issue that demands our best effort.

I dedicate this letter to all of those who derive beauty and benefit from the Chesapeake Bay!


Queen Anne's County Commissioners...NOW is the time! Time to address the "elephant in the room" and to stand up for the Chesapeake Bay! Queen Anne's County should have led this charge! Please don't waste another day and join the Clean Chesapeake Coalition!

Interesting line up with the candidate filings for County Commissioner!

Incumbents Jim Moran, Bob Simmons, Phil Dumenil and Dave Olds are running. David Dunmyer decided against running for a second term.

The only two Democrats that filed are Suzanne Hogan and Fred McNeil so we will see them at the General Election! District 1, 3, and 4 only have Republican Candidates so those seats will be decided during the primary election.

At Large

Suzanne Hogan -Democratic

Jim Moran -Republican


District 1

Paul Comfort - Republican

Gene Legg- Republican

Jack Wilson -Republican


District 2

Fred McNeil - Democratic

Tim McCluskey - Republican

Bob Simmons - Republican

Steve Wilson - Republican


District 3             

Robert "Buckey" Buckey - Republican

Philip Dumenil - Republican

Larry Lauterbach - Republican


District 4             

Mark Anderson - Republican

Dave Olds - Republican

Joann Wilkerson - Republican


Visit here for the complete list of candidates! 

BUSINESS Queen Anne's is always paying attention to any legislation affecting Queen Anne's County. At the latest BQA board meeting, several items were discussed.

County Ordinance 13-24 which deals with the use and merger of lots of substandard area or dimensions, specifically as it relates to lots in southern Kent Island was brought up. Seems there is a House Bill (HB11) which would authorize revenue from the Bay Restoration Fund to pay debt issued by a local government for the cost of connecting properties served by on-site sewage disposal systems to existing municipal wastewater facilities. If this House Bill does not pass then the County Ordinance regarding lot modification may very well be a dead issue.

County Resolution 14-03 was recently passed and deals with development review fees, specifically about waiving fees for projects that demonstrate significant economic benefit to the county. This practice has been in place for some time but now it is officially in writing.


Thank you to our newest Board Member, Jack Ashley for stepping up to be our Membership Committee Chair!

If you know a business that would be a great asset as a member, please contact Jack at

You can also for a copy of the following application!


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On January 14, 2014, K. Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Kent Island, LLC filed a Complaint in the Circuit Court for Queen Anne's County challenging, among other things, the Board of Public Works process for reviewing the Four Seasons wetlands application.  


K. Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Kent Island, LLC v. O'Malley, Franchot, Kopp and the Board of Public Works, Case No. 17-C-14-018727.  


At the request of the applicant, the Board is suspending its processing of the application pending the outcome of the litigation.



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