July 2017

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BUSINESS Queen Anne's would like to welcome Nancy LaJoice to the membership rolls!

In 2015 Nancy and her husband sold their house in Anne Arundel County and moved to Atlanta Georgia for a year.  Missing the bay, steamed crabs and friends, they returned to Maryland, choosing to live in Queen Anne County, where people are friendly, and the pace of life is less hectic.  With her office in Odenton, MD, like many QAC residents, Nancy travels over the bridge for work.  

As the Director of Membership for the Central Maryland Chamber, the 4th largest Chamber in Maryland*, with 600 members, (according to a recent the Baltimore Business Journal article*), Nancy enjoys opportunities to coach and connect business owners to regional resources and people that can help them grow their business.  She is responsible for engaging members, recruiting new businesses to join the Chamber and selling sponsorship opportunities for businesses seeking ways to boost their brand throughout central Maryland.
"My only regret about living on the eastern shore is not moving here sooner.  It is absolutely wonderful!", said Nancy.  I am excited to be a member of Business Queen Anne's.  I appreciate the group's mission to actively advocate for sound economic growth and as a member, it helps me stay informed of important issues and new developments throughout the county.

BQA is thrilled to have Nancy as a member and hope to utilize her strengths to further our mission!

At a recent combined meeting of the Planning Commission and the EDC board, a list of pending and approved projects as of June 1st were presented. It is as follows:

Pending Projects

Bay Bridge Properties, LLC 
(adjacent to The Gardens) Pier One Rd, Stevensville
Mixed Use Development
Retail (22,000 S.F.), Office (3,000 S.F.), Apartments (60)
Eareckson (To
ll) House
Concept Plan approved January 2017
APFO Technical Committee found water, sewer, and roadway intersections need more
information; schools f
ound adequate
Applicant continues to work on architecture with staff before submitting site plan

The Gardens of Queen Anne's
Pier One Rd, Stevensville
Commercial mixed uses for Phase II and amendments to Phase I (pool, micro-brew/restaurant/music venue, two additional restaurants, retail)
21 room Inn previously approved in Phase I has not been constructed
oncept plan submitted and STAC meeting held September 28, 2016
APFO review ongoing
Applicant has requested a text amendment for assisted living and fast food restaurant
KRM Lot 7 (Chesapeake Bay Business Park) 
Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville
Proposed second warehouse/office/industrial building of +36,000 square feet (next to
isting building of +143,000 square feet)
Third staff review of site plan completed 3/29
Staff awaits submittal for final review/approval
Kent Manor Inn - Kent Manor Drive, Stevensville
9,675 S. F. banquet facility
22 room annex
Major Site plan conditionally approved March 2015 with extension until September 2017
Applicant met with staff across agencies on March 29 to discuss finalizing plan and has submitted documents for review towards final approval

Four Seasons
Castle Marina Road, Chester
Phase 1- 162 Units (106 SFD, 56 Townhouse Units)
BOA on August 10th upheld approval
Pre-construction meetings concluded
Mass grading permit has been issued

Kent Island Crossing (former Giant) 
Shopping Center - (Across from Anne Arundel
& KIVFD) Rt. 18 & Piney Creek Road, Chester
Grocery (65,000 S.F. proposed Harris Teeter), Retail (14,500 S.F.), Restaurant (5,000 S.F.), gas
STAC meeting held on November 2, 2016
Currently under APFO review

Mears Point Marina 
Kent Narrows Way N, Kent Narrows
Apartments (211)
New Restaurant (8,000 S.F.) and Office (35,000 S.F.)
Concept Plan approval July 2015
Major site plan approval January 2017
APFO school mitigation pending applicant submitting agreement document for approval by
the County Commissioners

Grasonville Elementary School
(near Nesbit Road) Rt 18, Grasonville
Classroom additions
Major Site Plan conditionally approved on May 11 by Planning Commission

Slippery HiII
Nesbit Circle, Grasonville
108 apartments, 20,000 S.F. commercial, 2,897 S.F community building
Major Site Plan conditional approval 2014
Applicant recently met with staff to amend the plan and continue forward.
Have been awarded the tax credits to b
uild the housing portion

Perry's Retreat
Perry's Corner Rd, Grasonville
128 SFU               
Major Subdivision conditional approval 2015
Friels Warehouse - Grange Hall Road, Wye Mills 86,320 S. F. warehouse
Major Site plan STAC review held 4/26
Conditional approval requested for Planning Commission on June 8

Recently Approved Projects

Kent Narrows Marine LLC "Boatel"
(formerly Bay East Development property)
(@ Bridge), Piney Narrows Rd., Kent Narrows
Boatel (69,000 S.F., 400 Boats), Retail (2,400 S.F.), Office (600 S.F.)
Conditional Use approval April 2016
Concept Plan approval June 2016
Amended Conditional Use approval September 2016
Major Site Plan conditional approv
al October, 2016
Project finally signed on May 17, 2017
Grading permit

Grasonville Station, LLC (Patriot Fire)
Pullman Crossing (near 7-11 gas station)
@ Chester River Beach Rd, Grasonville
32,200 S.F. commercial building
Building has been completed and occupied
Grasonville Hospitality - Rt. SO & VFW Road, Grasonville
Denny's (4,550 S.F.)
Second Restaurant Pad Site (6,400 S.F.)
APFO approved and Major Site Plan conditionally approved September 2016
Site plan signed May 9
Construction has started
Wawa - Rt. SO & Hissy Road (Site of former Shipwrecked Market & Chesapeake
Motel), Grasonville
Convenience Store (4,746 S.F.) & 12 Pump Gasoline Facility
Minor Site Plan signed April 2017
Site under construction.
Other Status
Kent Narrows Mixed Use Development (Douglas Jemal) 
Rt. 50 & Piney Narrows Road, Kent Narrows (Site of former Outlet Center)
Stated proposal for 523 apartment units, 42,000 sf of retail, a 10,000 sf restaurant, and 80,000 sf of general office space
Met on August 23rd2016 to discuss infrastructure requirements
Meeting held October 2016 with the County to discuss a possible TIF 
APFO study submitted November 21, 2016 and under review
Concept plan submitted May 16 - under review for completeness before accepting for processing
Fisherman's Village
 Kent Narrows Way S, Kent Narrows
82,363 sq. ft.
4 story, 99 room hotel
APFO approved and Major Site Plan approved February 2015 and finally signed July 2015
Will required a site plan
extension by July 2017 to avoid the site plan expiring
Barnstable Town Center (Lowery Farm) 
Main Street (Rt. is) between Dominion
& South Piney Road, Chester
Proposed mixed use development
Meetings with staff during 2015-2016 to discuss several concepts and APFO concerns
Updated APFO scoping letter sent out week of 2/6/17
Submittal made 2/27/17 for concept review
Submittal was incomplete and was not processed, a letter was sent on 3/17/17 to the applicant stating the deficiencies including lack of a full APFO study


In the case of Hippocratic Growth, LLC against the Board of County Commissioners of Queen Anne's County, Circuit Court Judge Thomas P. Smith, on June 21, issued a declaratory judgement in favor of the county on the five counts asserted by Hippocratic Growth, LLC against the county; Count One - Mandamus, Count Two - Declaratory Judgement, Count Three - Preliminary Injunctive Relief, Count Four - Permanent Injunctive Relief and Count Five - damages for alleged constitutional violations.

 On December 9, 2016 Hippocratic Growth, LLC was notified that it had been selected to operate a medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland Senate District 36, which includes Queen Anne's County. Prior to this date, Hippocratic Growth had been in discussions with QAC regarding which zoning classifications a medical cannabis dispensary could be located and a site on Drummer Drive in Grasonville was discussed. County Commissioners had raised concerns about the proposed location though and passed QAC Ordinance 17-06, which restricted where medical cannabis facilities could be located, as emergency legislation. This legislation eliminated the Drummer Drive location for medical cannabis and was the impetus for the Hippocratic Growth, LLC lawsuit.
Judge Smith stated that, "COMAR, Chapter 27, Section 2 of the regulations entitled 'Licensed Dispensary Premises, Premises Generally,' provides inter alia 'The premised and operations of a licensee shall conform to all local zoning and planning requirements.' There is no express or implied preemption, and Ordinance 17-06 is valid and applies to the subject property." He went on to state that, "Defendants (QAC) have no legal duty or obligation to act on Plaintiff Hippocratic Growth's request for written verification that a medical cannabis dispensary is a permitted use in Urban Commercial Zoning District and that locating a medical cannabis dispensary at the proposed Dispensary Location is a permitted use. Defendants are not required to issue a letter verifying that a medical cannabis dispensary is a permitted use in Urban Commercial Zoning District and that locating a medical cannabis dispensary at the proposed Dispensary Location is a permitted use. Defendants have no duty to issue a building permit to 10I Drummer Drive, LLC as Contract Purchaser and Landlord to Hippocratic Growth."


BQA keeps you INFORMED on issues facing economic development, jobs and opportunities right here IN QAC, so the 86% of County residents who spend too much time commuting out of the County and across the bridge every day can actually "LIVE, WORK & PLAY" right here in QAC!! 

If you know a business that would be a great asset as a member, please contact our Membership Chair, Jack Ashley at jackashley@mris.com

You can also contact administrator@businessqueenannes.com for a copy of the following application!

BUSINESS Queen Anne's

A Coalition for Economic Development and Responsible Government

The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.
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BUSINESS Queen Anne's would like to invite all members (and even member guests!) to attend our monthly board meetings typically held the last Thursday of the month at Mear's Point Marina. (Please contact the office at administrator@businessqueenannes.com to verify)

Occasionally, we have County reps visit and give us updates. At the last board meeting it was decided that the next time we have speakers at the board meetings we will give our members ample notice in case they would like to attend...we want you to be in the know!

If you have a speaker that you would like to connect with and you think that Business Queen Anne's could help make that happen, please let us know.

County Commissioner's Meeting

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107 N. Liberty Street
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Planning Commission Meetings
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BQA wants you to get involved!

We are the only organization to consistently and publicly support  property rights and beneficial development projects in Queen Anne's County! If the growth of our County interests you at any level, you should be a part of this prominent group!
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BQA is looking to grow membership and our Executive elite board and we are in search of Woman Business owners in the County...are you the woman for the job?
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