February 2016

Dear BQA Members and Prospective Member Businesses:
On behalf of the board of Business Queen Anne's, our members and supporters, I'd like to wish everyone great success, purpose and expanded business and opportunity in 2016! 
Business Queen Anne's mission is to advocate locally for sound economic growth and to support growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives.  We seek to create a more positive partnership with residents, businesses & government, and to encourage a "business friendly" attitude on the part of our elected officials and County staff & personnel. 
Thankfully, Change finally came to Maryland with the upset election of Governor Larry Hogan!  But for far too long, Maryland leadership and the State legislature have together acted unfriendly to business and business opportunities with a bias towards punitive rather than active, working partnerships? Unfortunately, that lead to a negative culture and mindset throughout the large, entrenched bureaucracy of people, departments and agencies, and it will take some time to re-train and re-educate them. BQA intends to do our part locally bringing positive Change and more business opportunity to Queen Anne's County! 
In the spring of 2002 Business Queen Anne's was founded as a sorely needed, counter balancing alternative to loud activists here.  We were the only pro-active, pro-business coalition willing to speak for economic development and responsible growth and government. 
We know today about 86% of Queen Anne's County still working residents must leave our County daily for their job, they take with them opportunity, energy, commerce, business and tax revenues in the form of gas, meals, retail commerce and recreational activities monies that could be spent right here benefiting Queen Anne's County.  
Business Queen Anne's objective was to foster a climate conducive to the continual and orderly growth of both residential and commercial tax bases here in Queen Anne's County.  We wanted to bring the opportunity of Full Time, Career & Family supporting employment opportunities here too.  With the proper balance of residential and commercial tax bases, something still missing today, Queen Anne's County residents would enjoy lower taxes and the opportunity to work & shop here while also reaping the additional benefit of lower residential taxes courtesy these commercial tax paying businesses.     
Business Queen Anne's stands in support of business and land owners property rights, for a strong local business friendly environment, for opportunities for Career and Family sustaining jobs in the County and all the while maintaining our unique, beautiful, Quality of Life that defines Queen Anne's County!
I'm asking for your support of Business Queen Anne's in the form of Membership (business or individual) or organization sponsorship.  We respect the difficulty some may have when taking a public, visible stand on some of the issues we support, and for that reason we will respect any business, individual member or sponsors request for 'anonymity'. 
Have a great 2016, thank you, and please consider joining and supporting Business Queen Anne's today!
Steve Donovan
BQA Chairman 

This project will be meeting with the Sanitary Division on February 9th and once they receive their water and sewer allocation, they will have to pay the County $145,000. After that they will work on getting the Final Site Plan approval.
Four Seasons: 
Seems the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has filed an appeal to the BPW wetlands permit. This project is also working on getting past an appeal in the local court system. 
The County officially withdrew their lawsuit. The project is now working on the Growth Allocation Application. A concept plan has already been submitted to Queenstown and paperwork has been submitted to the SHA regarding the entrance to the development. The developer is working with QACA on bird proof glass on storefronts.
BQA Opposes Senate Bill 166
This bill would authorize a specified person, who has been aggrieved by a land use decision, who is a taxpayer, or is an officer or unit of a local jurisdiction, to file a request for judicial review by a circuit court of a land use action of a legislative body; specifying persons that have standing to bring and maintain a specified action in a circuit court to allow judicial review of a land use action of a legislative body; and applying a provision of law to a charter county and to Baltimore City.

Major Implications:
1.    Exponential expansion of potential litigants by adopting a new threshold of eligibility to appeal land use legislation.
2.    Debilitating consequences for long-range, multi-parcel land use planning.
3.    Any legislative change made to land development and planning and zoning local county codes would be granted new right of appeal.
4.    Planned Unit Developments would be subject to broader litigation regardless of merit.
5.    Expands the class of individuals who are automatically considered "specially aggrieved" and therefore automatically qualifying for judicial review without demonstration of harm.
6.    Provides judicial review of legislative actions without requiring that the appellants prove that the legislative body's action was improper or illegal.

BQA opposes this bill along with the Maryland Association of Realtors, Maryland Association of Counties and the Maryland Municipal League. The bill would expand standing requirements for both comprehensive zoning and comprehensive planning actions, create unwarranted litigation, and imperil Smart Growth-friendly development projects.
Thank you to our members who have recently renewed!

Harris Family Partnership

Many thanks to Karen Oertel, one of our founding members. We are proud to say that the the Harris family supports Business Queen Anne's!

And Congratulations to BQA Board Member, Bob Wilson!
Recently named Chairman for the Handgun Permit Review Board.
He was appointed to that board by Governor Hogan last year.

Gunther's Electric Celebrates 55 Years with A Gift of Savings For You!


The Queen Anne's County Commissioners are looking for interested county residents to serve on a variety of county boards and commissions. The appointments will commence in the coming weeks and the terms vary. Applicants must be residents of Queen Anne's County. If you have applied previously, please send a new letter of interest and resume at this time. The deadline for applications is 4:30 p.m., Tuesday February 23, 2016.

The following boards and commissions are seeking members: the Plumbing Board (for a citizen member not a plumber) the Ethics Committee, the Employee Suggestion Committee, and Agriculture Reconciliation Committee.

The Agriculture Reconciliation Committee was created in 2005 to resolve controversies arising out of agriculture operations. The committee's membership is comprised of people active in agriculture related businesses as well as members who have no financial connection to the business of agriculture or ancillary industries.

The current opening is for a member who does not have financial ties to the agricultural business. The committee meets on an as needed basis and because the need to meet is so infrequent, the members' terms do not expire unless they resign.

If interested in serving on any of these committees, please send a letter of interest and resume to lsalvatori@qac.org or by QAC Liberty Building, Att: Leslie Salvatori, 107 N. Liberty St. Centreville MD 21617. For questions call 410-758-0322 x2002.
Sediment to Aggregate?

Jeffrey B. Otto, P.E., President 
411 S. Ivy Lane 
Glen Mills, PA 19342 

Dear Mr. Otto: 

On behalf of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition, thank you very much for your presentation on October 7, 2015. Many of the Coalition county representatives were intrigued by your remarks. As you know, the enormous volume of accumulated nutrient-laden sediment in Conowingo Pond and other reservoirs in the lower Susquehanna River basin is a major concern to the Coalition counties, so HarborRock's promising sediment reuse technology that results in a marketable light weight aggregate material certainly has captured the interests of our Coalition members. 

The Coalition recognizes that Chesapeake Bay stakeholders need to appreciate sediment reuse in the Bay watershed implementation plans as a major undertaking. As you may have witnessed with your experience at the Lower Susquehanna River Watershed Assessment (LSRWA) workgroup, new information and innovative approaches are not easily accepted by organizations and individuals that influence Bay restoration efforts and are deeply vested in the Bay TMDL and WIP construct. We are all too familiar with the pushback and organized resistance to ideas that do not fit nicely into the "Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint" narrative. Nevertheless, we are committed to identifying the most cost-effective programs, policies and practices that will measurably improve Bay water quality - without doing harm to local economies; while at the same time exposing and spotlighting wasteful plans and mandates that target marginal pollution sources. 

Coalition members agreed to assist HarborRock with introductions and with drawing attention to your proposed solution for Susquehanna River sediments. For example, we discussed sharing your information and ideas with the Maryland Rural Counties Coalition (MRCC) and cooperatively developing a strategy to engage the Governor's Council on the Chesapeake Bay (aka the "Bay Cabinet"). In doing so it is important to keep in mind that the Coalition is currently comprised of County governments with limited financial and technological resources; so we must measure our role in the concerted effort to promote your light weight aggregate (LWA) technology reusing sediments as a potential BMP for Bay TMDL achievement and a priority consideration in the State's WIP. 

One approach that HarborRock should consider is to take part in Maryland's efforts to establish a nutrient credit trading program. Last week the Hogan Administration issued a Water Quality Nutrient Trading Policy Statement (copy attached) announcing the development of a nutrient trading program "to accelerate the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay while reducing costs to local governments and citizens and boosting private sector jobs." Such a program presents an ideal and timely opportunity to promote the value of your LWA technology that recycles nutrient laden sediments. Perhaps the technical and financial data associated with your past pilot studies involving Cox Creek, the Maryland Port Administration (MPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) could prove helpful to the State agencies spearheading the State's water quality nutrient trading program development. As a courtesy to the Coalition, would HarborRock share the results and evaluations pertaining to these past pilot projects? The Coalition noticed that on April 16, 2015 there was an interagency agreement executed between the MPA and Maryland Environmental Service to implement the construction of the Stage 1 expansion of the current MPA-owned Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility. Did HarborRock submit a proposal for this expansion? Was MPA's request or the resulting interagency agreement focused more on a sediment placement project? If so, how difficult is it to change this type of mindset? 

Has either MPA or USACE evaluated your Cox Creek sediment pilot project? If so, would HarborRock share such evaluation(s)? In addition, if you have not done so already, you may want to share HarborRock's demonstration projects with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) resource that tracks innovative technologies. This particular EPA resource has a sediment treatment field and the database is commonly used by regulators and entities in deciding cleanup options. For a better understanding of EPA's role, we recommend you go to EPA's Technology Innovation and Field Services Division's Cleanup Information database found at: 

Thank you again for meeting with Coalition members several weeks ago. The Coalition values the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and looks forward to introducing your technology to the appropriate stakeholders in order to make a meaningful difference in Bay water quality improvement. 

Very truly yours, 
Ronald H. Fithian 
Chairman and Kent County Commissioner

BUSINESS Queen Anne's would like to invite all members (and even member guests!) to attend our monthly board meetings typically held the last Thursday of the month at Mear's Point Marina. (Please contact the office at administrator@businessqueenannes.com to verify)

Occasionally, we have County reps visit and give us updates. At the last board meeting it was decided that the next time we have speakers at the board meetings we will give our members ample notice in case they would like to attend...we want you to be in the know!

If you have a speaker that you would like to connect with and you think that Business Queen Anne's could help make that happen, please let us know.

BQA keeps you INFORMED on issues facing economic development, jobs and opportunities right here IN QAC, so the 86% of County residents who spend too much time commuting out of the County and across the bridge every day can actually "LIVE, WORK & PLAY" right here in QAC!! 

If you know a business that would be a great asset as a member, please contact our Membership Chair, Jack Ashley at jackashley@mris.com

You can also contact administrator@businessqueenannes.com for a copy of the following application!

BUSINESS Queen Anne's

A Coalition for Economic Development and Responsible Government

The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.

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