February 2014 




Thank you to everyone that came out! Governor Ehrlich's book, America Hope for Change is still available online and at local book stores!


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America: Hope for Change explores the causes and remedies to the seven most difficult issues confronting (and confounding) our culture and country. Tackling complex issues, former Maryland Governor, US Congressman, Bob Ehrlich presents an urgent call to action on behalf of a conservative, common sense political force that will determine the quality of life for generations to come.


Ehrlich tackles the tough issues, including, the role of government vis--vis the individual, strengthening American culture, fiscal practices and debt, healthcare delivery, job creation, social security, and national security. With his more then 25 years of experience leading the charge to restore the greatness of America, Ehrlich offers a solid direction on the policy changes needed for our culture, our government, our health, our jobs, our retirement, our defense, and ourselves. A must read for Americans seeking a battle plan to defeat the progressive agenda in time for the 2016 election year!





Look closely at the Maryland State Seal and you will see both a Plowman and Fisherman flanking the shield bearing the coat of arms of the Calvert and Crossland families. These are the proud symbols of Maryland's heritage and culture. However these two traditional industries are under attack by the Administration and several members of the Maryland General Assembly.


Last fall members of the Eastern Shore Delegation, farming advocacy groups and the farmers themselves were successful in persuading the Maryland Department of Agriculture to withdraw the proposed implementation of the Phosphorus Management Tool regulations. The PMT is a set of regulations aimed at cleaning up Bay pollution by restricting the use of animal manure to fertilize crops and thus potentially reducing agriculture runoff.


Although we may have won the battle; we have not won the war. It is uncertain whether the revised PMT regulations will be brought before the full General Assembly, which is preferable rather than sneaked through the AELR process after this session. It is also uncertain if the desired cost/benefit analysis of PMT use for farmers or the scientific evidence supporting PMT use will be revealed. Based on the MDA responses heard at public hearings last fall, I co-sponsored legislation, Senate Bill 27, with fellow Eastern Shore Senators, that would require MDA to prepare a full economic impact analysis prior to implementing the PMT. This bill was presented last Tuesday before the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee. Building on this positive bill hearing, we will continue working to ensure a favorable report on this important legislation.


However, it continues to defy logic to target farmers with regulation aimed to decrease phosphorus pollution regulations, while failing to address the sediment stored in Conowingo's reservoir. We also need to address the 4 million tons of sediment stored behind the Conowingo Dam that is being released by each storm event and settling onto the floor of the upper Bay. During Tropical Storm Lee, the Susquehanna's flow was so powerful that Conowingo's sluice gates had to be opened, allowing record amounts of sediment to flow into the Bay. This released sediment smothers Bay grasses and oyster beds both essential for the natural clean process of the Bay's water.


It should be emphasized that whatever success could be achieved by implementing the PMT will be undermined and undone by the phosphorus-laden sediment constantly discharged into the Bay from the Conowingo Dam.


But the PMT regulations are only part of the assault on Maryland's farmers, this week legislation is being submitted that would impose a 5-cent tax, paid to the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, for each chicken that enters the Maryland poultry industry. Agriculture is the No. 1 economic industry in Maryland, compiling $2.3 billion in gross receipts annually and creating about 46,000 direct and indirect jobs. This "Chicken Tax" would devastate our poultry industry, which may be the ultimate goal of the bill's supporters. We are already beginning to coordinate our opposition to this unreasonable legislation.


This week I will be introducing legislation aimed at addressing the sediment stored behind the dam and requiring the Department of Natural Resources to open the bottom of the Bay, north of the bridge, to power dredging and revitalizing the sediment smothered oyster beds. It is critically important that we take the necessary steps to prevent the further action aimed at decimating the industries that are Maryland's heritage.


Thank you for taking the time to read these updates.  Please know that you can contact me via email at   Steve.Hershey@senate.state.md.us   or at my office 410-841-3639.  I look forward to serving and representing you in the General Assembly.






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