February 2013


BUSINESS Queen Anne's is happy to announce that Board Member Steve Donovan, with Title One & Associates, has agreed to step up as the 2013 Board President!


Steve joined the BQA Board in January of 2011 and has been serving as the Membership Chair. He also serves on the County's Economic Development Commission.


Steve does an awesome job keeping on top of issues affecting business in Queen Anne's County and looks forward to being a vocal advocate for property owner's rights and balanced growth!


According to Steve, "In keeping with the BQA Mission, my goal is to support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County!"


Thank you for stepping up Steve! We look forward to a productive 2013! 


Mareen Waterman will maintain his Vice President's seat and BQA hopes to fill the Membership Chair shortly.


Due to the their significant economic impact in Queen Anne's County, BUSINESS Queen Anne's supported the following three bills:


SB 31 (Queen Anne's County - Beer, Wine and Liquor Tasting License)

BQA supports creating in Queen Anne's County a beer, wine and liquor tasting license; specifying to whom the license may be issued; setting maximum limits on the amounts of individual servings; specifying that the license may be issued for tasting purposes only; and establishing a $100 license fee.


SB 35 (Queen Anne's County - Alcoholic Beverages - Micro-Brewery Licenses)

BQA supports adding Queen Anne's County to the list of counties in which a Class 7 micro-brewery license may be issued; and adding the county to the list of counties in which the beer brewed by the license holder for consumption off the licensed premises may be sold in refillable containers.


SB 49 (Alcoholic Beverages - Queen Anne's County - Beer and Wine Festivals)

BQA supports authorizing the Queen Anne's County Board of License Commissioners to issue a specified number of Beer and Wine Festival (BWF) licenses in the county each year; authorizing the Board to select a specified number of weekends each year for a specified festival; and requiring the Board to choose a specified location for a specified festival and to ensure that the primary focus of a specified festival is the promotion of Maryland beer and wine.




BUSINESS Queen Anne's strongly opposed HB55 (Labor and Employment - Sick Leave Policy - Requirement)  due to the fact that our members are small businesses, many of which have only a few employees. The bill wouldrequire an employer to have a policy under which an employee of the employer earns sick leave days each month based on the number of hours worked by the employee; requirie the sick leave policy to have a provision relating to the prevention of the abuse of sick leave by employees; etc.


Delegate Steve Hershey's Cheif of Staff responded to BQA saying, "I just wanted to let you know that the Delegate voted against House Bill 55 and it did not pass out of the Economic Matters Committee.As a result the Sponsor of this bill has withdrawn it."




BUSINESS Queen Anne's supports SB 146 (Chesapeake College - Board of Trustees - Appointment of Members).To allow the governor to appoint College Board Members without local input is wrong. It allows the Governor to reward his friends and supporters regardless of who they are and of their local community service record. The bill wouldrequire the Governor to appoint the members of the Board of Trustees of Chesapeake College from a list of at least three qualified individuals submitted to the Governor by each county that supports Chesapeake College.




BUSINESS Queen Anne's opposes Bill 147 (Chesapeake College - Authorization of Debt for Capital Projects - Simple Majority Plus One Requirement) as unworkable. A super majority vote of 80% can only result in Chesapeake College ceasing to function and grow. The institution is far too valuable to the mid-shore to allow this Bill to hamper its growth - and perhaps, in the future, the maintenance of existing facilities. The bills wouldalter the budget approval process for Chesapeake College to require that capital items or programs that would require specified debt service payments be approved by a simple majority plus one of the member counties that support the college; provide that capital items or programs that are not approved by a simple majority plus one are deleted from the proposed budget and the remainder of the budget is subject to a simple majority approval requirement; etc.




BUSINESS Queen Anne's supports SB 24 (Queen Anne's County - Deer Hunting on Private Property - Sundays) It would authorizie a person to hunt deer on private property in Queen Anne's County using specified hunting equipment on specified Sundays during specified hunting seasons.


Our letter to the Senators stated that hunting makes a major impact on our rural economy and Sunday hunting will significantly increase that. Hundreds of hunters cross the Bay Bridge to hunt in our County on a daily basis - primarily weekends.


At present, we can hunt on three Sundays only - 1 in bow season, 1 in shotgun, 1 in the muzzleloader season. Collectively, these seasons run from September 15th to January 31st. September 15th, 2013 is a Sunday and presumable the season will open on the 14th, so there are 17 Sundays during the season.


Ask any one of our owners of restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations and sporting goods stores and motel owners too: "How much extra business is done on a weekend day during hunting season?" We believe the answers will amaze you. Our small businesses need the extra 14 days this Bill will provide.


We can't calculate the potential economic benefits, but they will be substantial. There would be lots of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with hunters staying over Saturday night to hunt Sunday; motel rooms too.




BUSINESS Queen Anne's also sent a letter supporting the "Interested Party" status for Queen Anne's County to Mr. Ken Kozel, CEO for Shore Health Systems and to Mr. Paul Parker of the Maryland Health Care Commission.



Queen Anne's Citizens have made significant financial contributions to Shore Health over the years, particularly to the Emergency Care facility at Queenstown.


Citizens of both Counties have relied on Memorial Hospital since it's inception, and constitute a large percentage of your patients.


Interested Party status will allow us to participate - as opposed to observing - in discussions affecting our health care.


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The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.  

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