August 2018


This month's board meeting is on August 29th at Mear's Point Marina at 4 PM in the meeting room accessible from the outside of the building across from the pavilion, just past the pool.

Our first speaker will be County Commissioner Candidate Elaine Harrison (D) who is running at large. Following Ms. Harrison will be a Four Seasons update from K. Hovnanian representative, Mike Irons.

Business Queen Anne's members are welcome to join the meeting! Please let the administrator know that you will be attending by emailing

County Commissioner Jim Moran, Del. Steve Arentz and Sheriff Gary Hofmann meet with State Highway Administration officials to discuss ways to relieve traffic congestion on Kent Island.

We noted a number of articles over the last month detailing the effort being put forth by the Sheriff and County Commissioners over the last year to attempt to help  our traffic problems.  Pretty clear that Beach traffic is the cause of our weekend jams...but  kudos to  our local officials for putting forth the strongest effort we have ever  seen to press MTA to address our local concerns.   

Special thanks to Commissioner Moran and Sheriff Hoffman who have spearheaded this effort!

While the rains this year, and especially in July, were overwhelming and ultimately wreaked havoc with the Chesapeake Bay when the flood gates at Conowingo were opened, it seems as though many people finally paid attention to what is going on with the Conowingo Dam! (BQA has been following this situation for years!) Social media was focused on where the debris came from and what could be done about it. 

According to BQA Board Member George O'Donnell, "The most recent rain event while about one third the magnitude of Hurricane Agnes (1972) and half  impact of Tropical Storm Lee in (2011) still substantial. More than two million tons of sediment and many more tons of debris. The pilot project to determine future efforts to deal with the sediment and  nutrients is still unfolding. However, the recent weather event is a on-going reminder of the need for a long term solution."

One link that was passed around quite a bit to inform those who wanted information was to the Clean Chesapeake Coalition website. The following letter has a link on their site and we wanted to share it here with you. Click the photo of the first page of the letter below to be linked.


It's that time of year again...The Queen Anne's County Fair has begun! 

Go out and visit the Queen Anne's County Republicans' booth. They will be at the fair every night ready to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

History of the Queen Anne's County 4-H Park

As  recorded in the 1941 Extension Office's yearly report, "plans by Older 4-H Youth have been made to secure a permanent 4-H site to hold agricultural events."  It is further recorded in 1942 that George M. Moffett of Blakefield Farms donated to 4-H Clubs of Queen Anne's County a tract of land of approximately 28.26 acres located on the Centreville to Queenstown highway about 3 miles from Centreville. The development will be under the guidance of a board of 5 to 7 county leaders elected by members of the county.

Work began on the tract of land on April 11, 1942 with 97 volunteers working all day. In July 1942, work continued for six full days with an average of 18 volunteers working each day at the Park site. The Maryland State Fair Board toured and made some suggestions. Queen Anne's County allotment from the Maryland State Fair board was $400 that year.

On August 15th, 1942 , the Queen Anne's County 4-H Club Fair took place.  There were 900 people in attendance at the day long Fair. Dr. Symons dedicated the Queen Anne's County 4-H Park on that day.  Mrs. Algeron Carter was chairman of the Park. They had collected $670 in donations for Park improvements. At that time there was a well, graveled roads, 5 picnic tables, 40 hog pens, two toilets, and  a show ring.

In November of 1942 the deed of this tract of land to become the Queen Anne's County 4-H Park was completed. The deed read "for the use only for agricultural activities with 4-H Club work preference".

Seventy six years later, the care of the park continues to be under the guidance of  volunteers. It is maintained so that we can continue to celebrate the joys of living in an  agricultural community.   What a wonderful gift the youth and residents of Queen Anne's County were given .



BQA keeps you INFORMED on issues facing economic development, jobs and opportunities right here IN QAC, so the 86% of County residents who spend too much time commuting out of the County and across the bridge every day can actually "LIVE, WORK & PLAY" right here in QAC!! 

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