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BUSINESS Queen Anne's


A Coalition for Economic Development and Responsible Government

The mission of BUSINESS Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth; review all proposed state and local legislation and regulations; provide an objective assessment of proposed development in Queen Anne's County and its incorporated towns; endorse and support countywide growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines, comprehensive plans, and state and local initiatives; create positive and "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, development of an adequate labor pool, a fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.


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As you probably know by now, the Kent Island Four Season project did go before the Board of Public Works in July only to have the vote on their wetlands license application to install a sewer line and build a pier put off  for at least a month. They were instructed to put the agreements in writing.


Comptroller Franchot was quoted as saying he wanted more then "Scouts Honor" and O'Malley expressed that he wanted reassurance that there would not be a "bait and switch" move on K. Hovnanian's part.


K. Hovnanian has already outlined their agreement with the County in the DRRA (Developer's Right and Responsibility Agreement) signed back in 2002 in which they

agreed to generous incentives to the County - more than $30 million total. According to BQA Board Member, George O'Donnell who also served as County Commissioner back in 2002, "The DRRA that our board of Commissioners signed was very clear that the project was to be age restricted forever more."


K. Hovnanian representative, Patrick McNealey, issued the following statement, "We look forward to having continued dialogue with the Board of Public Works and Queen Anne's County to assure that we will deliver on our plan, including having zero permanent wetlands impact." He went on to say, "Given that the state's wetlands administrator and Maryland Department of the Environment recommended that our license be granted, we remain hopeful to receive the Board's final approval." 


According to the Secretary of the Environment, Robert M. Summers, "The project meets all of the regulatory requirements." The Maryland Department of the Environment and the board's wetlands administrator, Doldon W. Moore Jr., are recommending approval of the permits, citing the modifications made by the developer.


Back in January of 2011 Judge Sause stated that the Board of Public Works erred in denying the wetlands permit because it "made no assessment of each specific activity for which the wetlands license was sought; gave no consideration to the statutory criteria applicable to proposed activity; ignored determinations made by coordinate agencies on the basis of applicable statutory criteria; supplemented the statutory criteria applicable to proposed activity; and applied criteria or standards different from the statutory criteria applicable to proposed activity."


It's time to move forward! BQA agrees with County Commissioner Arentz's statement that it's really about "defending the right to do with your property (what you want) when you meet the criteria."


Next month's newsletter should have info on the Slippery Hill Development and an update on the Conowingo Dam! Stay Tuned...



Summer Newsletter from the Sheriff's the badge to read!
Bay Carpet Flooring America supports Pets for Patriots!
(Click the photo to link to info on Bay Carpets website)
Bay Carpets Flooring America is proud to support Pets for Patriots as they work together to give back to our country's veterans, and, in so doing, save the lives of animals in need.

Pets for Patriots is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to make the joys of pet ownership achievable and affordable for service and veteran members of the U.S. military, to the benefit of both pet and person. Pets for Patriots connects veterans returning from deployment, active personnel looking to fill the void for their families while deployed, and long-term veterans in need of a constant companion, with adult and other at-risk shelter pets needing a loving home.
Does your business support a great cause? Tell BQA about it!! Send info to and we'll put it in the newsletter! Local business give so much back to the community through fundraisers, sponsorships, donations, etc. Let BQA help shine light on your favorite charity!





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CONOWINGO LETTER                       
The Conowingo Dam situation is a modern day travesty against water quality throughout the upper portions of the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. For 86 years the accumulation of sediment and toxins that have collected north of the Dam are having a devastating impact on our fisheries, particularly when a major fresh water event takes place. The well advertised satellite photo's of tropical storm Lee allowed us to view the millions of tons of sediment as it was dispensed by the tidal water's as far as the Potomac River. One cannot over state the damage that has been done to the Oyster and Soft shell Clam industries while we find ourselves in the midst of a terrible Blue Crab harvest. We are for all intents and purpose out of the Oyster and Clam fisheries in the Upper Bay as these area's have been smothered by a blanket of sedimentation. Further damage continues to be done to Bay grasses (sav's) which provide important habitat while producing life giving oxygen that all Marine Animals depend on. This needs to STOP!!! 

The Utility that holds the permit to use the Conowingo Hydro-electric Dam is going through the permitting process that could be reissued next year. It has been forty years since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) last issued a permit for this facility. The time is now for FERC to make it a condition of the issuance of a new permit that the Utility and the State of Pennsylvania develop a plan to mitigate the sediment that has been allowed to accumulate over the past 86 years. If this opportunity is missed the further demise of our precious Chesapeake Bay will be assured and all the good efforts to date would have been in vain.

This year marks the 3O" anniversary of the signing of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement. We have less Crabs, a fraction of the Oyster population and no Soft shell Clams and Bay Grasses are but a shadow of their former status. In recent years we have seen a flush tax, nutrient management programs, Critical Area's restrictions, storm water controls, emission testing, bat septic system requirements and now a rain tax just to name a few, save the litany of chemical reductions. Citizens are willing to do their share to help restore our beloved Chesapeake Bay, how about government? This is why I suggest that all levels of our government have an absolute obligation to hold all parties accountable for what is certainly the single worst point source of sediment pollution affecting the bay to date. Not so long ago the Board of County Commissioner's that I served on successfully opposed the dumping of dredge spoil at site 104 just north of the Bay Bridge's. Yes, it was expensive and time consuming but I have never regretted our efforts, because there are some things that you must do, this is another issue that demands our best effort.

I dedicate this letter to all of those who derive beauty and benefit from the Chesapeake Bay!
George O'Donnell



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