April 2012


On April 6th, BQA sent a letter to the County Planning Commission in support of a text amendment submitted by Mears Point Associates. It read:


Dear Planning Commissioners,


The mission of Business Queen Anne's is to actively advocate sound economic growth by commenting on state and local legislation and regulations; provide objective assessments of proposed development; support growth that is well managed and consistent with adopted state and local planning and regulatory guidelines; create "business friendly" attitudes on the part of Queen Anne's County elected and appointed officials; and support business activity that promotes and encourages a vibrant economy, a skilled labor pool, fiscally responsible and accountable county government, and a continued unique quality of life in Queen Anne's County.


With that in mind we have reviewed the amendments to the WVC zoning regulations proposed by Mears Point Associates. We understand the proposed amendment to Section18:1-26 N.(1)(a) may permit the Planning Commission to increase the height limitation (from 45' up to 55') for a residential and nonresidential building when parking is provided under that building (without applying the bonus provisions of the WVC).   Currently, the Planning Commission can increase the nonresidential floor area when parking is provided underneath at least of a building, but may not the increase the height of the building without implementing the bonus provisions. We believe it makes a great deal of sense to allow some height increases when providing parking under a building.[1] The bonus provisions as currently written are open-ended and confusing, thus discourages business development. If an applicant provides parking under a building they should be able to achieve a reasonable increase in height without being subject to the ambiguous bonus provision. We believe this is a design issue, since no increase in floor area is necessarily achieved when providing parking under a building.


Secondly, Mears seeks to include "marina uses" as part of "Mixed Use Options" which will allow the marina uses when part of the underlying property (ie slips, recreation amenities, service areas) to be included in determining the area allowed for a residential component as part of a mixed use project. The amendment furthers the policy to encourage mixed use development, and address parking needs on site where possible. Importantly, the amendments reasonably allow a marina to develop mixed uses with minimal disruption to the existing marina uses while giving consideration to important water dependent uses when calculating density.


Business Queen Anne's believes both these amendments are consistent with the underlying goals of the Comprehensive Plan and the Kent Narrows Community Plan.


In closing, we believe it is important that the regulations are flexible to enable and encourage an existing marina to redevelop part of its property, especially when such redevelopment remains consistent with the underlying "mixed use" intentions of the Kent Narrows Area Plan and zoning regulations.


We appreciate the opportunity to comment on these important matters.




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Camille O'Donnell

BQA Chair


[1]   We also support the Staff recommendation of 100% parking under the building in order to utilize the amendment.





Interesting article in the Bay Journal about the Hudson Lawsuit! Specifically in regards the Judge Nickerson's order that denied summary judgement.
Here's a snippet:
Although the judge acknowledged the Waterkeepers motives in bringing the action "might not be relevant at this stage of the litigation," they may have relevance when deciding any punishment. He said he would also look at any of the defendants' efforts to comply with existing regulations. And he warned that, "While certainly rare, it is not unprecedented that attorney's fees can be awarded to a prevailing defendant in a CWA citizen suit."
Save Farm Families
(Click on logo above to visit site and read about the Hudson lawsuit!)


BUSINESS Queen Anne's wants to thank
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New member Ken Carlsen with Shore Scan came to visit the BQA board and tell them more about the services he offers.
ShoreScan Solutions provides secure off-site electronic ("cloud-based") document storage with practical hands-on training and deployment


Ken stated that anyone interested needs to see the service first hand to fully understanding how it works. A few of his local customers are the Board of Education and the Town of Queenstown. 
He noted that all you need is an Internet connection, a compatible scanner and the commitment to improving the document storage and overall efficiency of your organization!

A typical start up takes a couple of hours resulting in new found security and plans for access to critical information only wished for in the past.


He also stated that their policy is not to quote prices without fully understanding how a potential client will use the service. Proposals are provided at each meeting and plans are created to match budgets.


He wanted everyone to keep in mind that there is NO SOFTWARE, NO IT ISSUES and the monthly fee can be as low as $95.00 per month for virtually unlimited document storage.
Contact Ken Carlsen for details! 
Ken Carlsen is the President and owner of ShoreScan Solutions, a division of The Carlsen Group (a Maryland corporation established in 2005). He graduated from Rowan University in 1991 and now lives in Stevensville, Maryland, with his family enjoying sports, boating, church and community events.
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Next Planning Commission Meeting is April 12th!! They should be discussing text amendments at this meeting!



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Did you know that Maryland ranked #40 out of 50 States in ethics and transparency according to State Integrity Investigation?


The State Integrity Investigation is an unprecedented, data-driven analysis of transparency and accountability in all 50 state governments. The Center has partnered with Global Integrity and Public Radio International to assign each state a letter grade - based on 300 government integrity indicators. No state received an A, and eight states failed. 


Click here to link to Maryland's Report Card. Interesting read, but disheartening. Surprising?


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